New for Pottermore…

Hi, everybody, just to notify you that I have visited and become a Member in the Pottermore Website not longer than 30 minutes.

After, I verified my E-mail, there was 4 Blogs to see my True details to be in the HP World.

There had been, Discover your Patronus, House (Hogwarts), House (Ilvermorny), and finally my Wand.

As you can see, my Patronus is a Stout.


Pleasingly (for me), I have been chosen in Gryffindor after a Hogwarts Quiz!


As for my Ilvermorny House, which is Thunderbolt, I never expected however, was fine.

At last, my Wand is…

Picture of wand

Dogwood wood, Unicorn hair, core 10 ¾” in length, Unyielding flexibility

What most Pleased me when I was sorted into Gryffindor. I would mostly recommend HP Fans to visit/become a Member in the Website. If you do that, I would rather comment on this Blog if I were you.


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