Tintin in America

by Hergé

The story is actually a rather silly story in that he arrives in Chigaco, gets into trouble with the mob, escapes from an inescapeable situation, gets them arrested and then gets into trouble with some more crooks. Some have said that Herge’s view of the United States is that it is full of cities ruled by crime lords, and when you step out of the city you immediately step into the wild west. It also seems that upon arriving in the United States, Tintin immediately solves all of their problems, and leaves a hero.

My Review: One of my Favourite Tintin Books, and a lot of Gangsters and Crooks in this Book. Especially Bobby Smiles; more or less, he looks like if he is the Mastermind of all the terrorizing in Chicago, however, Al Capone is the real Mastermind of all of this.

Image result for tintin in america

Press here to read the Book Online.


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