Starwars: The Sith Wars

by DK Publishing
Venture deep into the dark side and discover the world of the evil Sith. Find out more about incredible Sith powers and ruthless plots to take over the galaxy with this all-new “DK Adventures: Star Wars: Sith Wars”!
My Review: This Book had shown me all the Facts about the Dark Side whilst I was beginning to become a Starwars Fan. I loved all of the Pages. Especially when the Author explaining the Truth of Darth Vader!
Other Reviews

Review combined with Star Wars Adventures: Jedi Battles.

I am doing these as a common, dual review. Why? Because I have the same things to say about both. These are very strongly geared toward young children. Mainly children struggling to grasp the movies and their themes. While the age group was fine, if still offers no new content. I tried reading these to some youngsters (wanna -be padawans) and they Kept saying things like “I know that” and “I saw that in the movies.” No one seemed to gain an …more

Kristine Hall

Nov 06, 2013 Kristine Hall rated it really liked it

As is the case with all DK books, the photo illustrations are awesome — Star Wars fans will love this. There is A LOT of text that goes with the pictures, and though I learned much about The Force and the Sith, some pages were a bit much. For kids, I think those big blocks of text needed to be broken up to hold their attention enough to keep reading.

Having said that, there is plenty of juicy, inside information, and again, the photos (Darth Sidious progression sequence!!) are outstanding, and e …more

Lucy Duncan

Feb 10, 2014 Lucy Duncan rated it it was amazing
the book is awesome. i love it.

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