Asterix and the Laurel Wreath

by René Goscinny, Albert Uderzo (Illustrator)
Chief Vitalstatistix rashly invites his brother-in-law to dine of a stew seasoned with Caesar’s laurel wreath, so Asterix and Obelix must go to Rome to fetch those laurels. Hoping to get access to Caesar, they sell themselves as slaves – but can they do a deal with the corrupt Goldendelicius to swap the laurels for parsley? If so, it will be their own Roman triumph.
My Review: Very hilarious! Especially Obelix in this Book had been humorous a lot. As Asterix and Obelix had gone to Rome to sell themselves as Slaves, Osseus Humerus had bought them. However, Asterix thought Osseus was a secretary of Julius Caesar! Therefore, both Asterix and Obelix had to find a way to get out. Anyway, they finally ended up in the Circus Stadium with all the Lions. Hopefully, they got rid of that; furthermore and eventually, they had a chance to swap Laurel made- of- Parsley for the real Parsley!
Image result for asterix and the laurel wreath comic
Press here to read the Book Online.

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