Tintin: The Calculus Affair

by Hergé
Of Herge’s many Tintin adventures, The Calculus Affair is generally considered the crown jewel. The intricate plot concerns Professor Calculus, who has stumbled upon an invention of devastating possibilities. Naturally the Bordurians will stop at nothing to shift the balance of power, so they kidnap the professor, sending Tintin and Captain Haddock on a dizzying chase. Also includes an extended set-piece involving a piece of sticky tape, and the first appearance by the insurance agent from hell, Jolyon Wagg.
My Review: It’s the second Kidnapping of Professor Calculus and it shows us how important is Cuthbert to Captain Haddock and Tintin; unlike “The Seven Crystal Balls” and “Prisoners of the Sun” which has the first Kidnapping of the Professor, it was quite a bit different. Because in those two Books, both Captain and Tintin had to travel in the Jungles and Snowlands of Peru, however in this book; they find clues to find in who’s trap is the Professor in. And of course, immensely humorous of Jolyon Wagg.
Image result for calculus affair
Press here to read the Book Online.

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