The Dolphin Song

by Lauren St. John
Just as Martine is settling into life on the wildlife game reserve, she is whisked away on a school trip. She must leave her white giraffe, Jemmy, for 2 weeks! Her class is going on an ocean voyage to witness the Sardine Run, a spectacular natural phenomenon, off the coast of South Africa.

What begins as an exciting adventure quickly turns perilous when a storm blows up and Martine and her classmates are thrown overboard into shark-infested waters. They are save by a pod of dolphins, only to end up marooned on a deserted island. The castaways, at odds with one another, must figure out not only how to survive, but how to help the dolphins when a terrible danger threatens them.

In a gripping tale of courage, friendship and survival, Martine must use her healing gift and her wilderness training to save both humans and animals alike.

My Review: Very emotional as The Last Leopard and The White Giraffe. It seems as if the Dolphins save Martine and her Class nearby a deserted Island.
Other Reviews

Mar 15, 2015 Lynnette rated it it was amazing

I read Lauren St. John’s books aloud to my younger son at bedtime. He loves dolphins (and penguins) so I thought he would enjoy this one. I hadn’t realized it was a series when we first started reading it, but after a couple of chapters, we figured out there was a previous book. It didn’t matter. Dolphin Song worked fine as a stand alone book. Afterward, we read through the other books in this series (we read them #2, #1, #3, #4).

My son and I both enjoy learning about Africa and all the animals …more


Mar 18, 2011 Catherine rated it it was amazing  ·  review of another edition

Martines class are going on a ocean voyage to see one of the gratest spectacles on Earth, the “Sardine Run”. At first the adventure was exiting but then there was a storm causing the ship to sink. It threw Martines classmates overboard into shark waters. Martine and a few of her classmates were saved by some dolphins, but they end up in a deserted island. Now Martine and her classmates must survive.She and her friends are waiting for rescue but what if no o …more


Apr 12, 2015 Julie rated it really liked it
My class know that I love reading and I a lucky to have some keen readers who like to share what they are reading with me. When a 9 year old comes up to you and says ‘Miss, you have to read this, it’s brilliant’ and thrusts the book at you, well, how can you not read it!

This is the second in a series about a young girl who goes to live with her grandmother on a South African game reserve after the death of her parents. Martine has healing powers and is able to help sick animals. In this book, sh…more


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