Coraline: The Book Review

Coraline by Neil Gaiman is a Superb Horror Story as the few several chapters I, myself have read it. Tremendously, it is fabulous with popular Literacy Language such as, Metaphors, Attractive Adjectives, Non-Cliche Similes and more.

Here is a Sentence from the book using a Metaphor and Simile,

  1. The world she was walking through was a pale nothingness, like a blank sheet of paper or an enormous, empty white room. It had no temperature, no smell, no texture, and no taste.

Pale Nothingness is so much better than: The world she was walking through was nothing. Also the Simile is very luxurious in the way it has been written. Absolutely, we know it is extremely more outstanding than the routine and usual: like an empty bottle of water. 

Here are a few paragraphs in the order of the Book:

  1. She stared at the picture hanging on the wall: no, it wasn’t exactly the same. The picture they had in their own hallway showed a boy in old-fashioned clothes staring at some bubbles. But now the expression on his face was different—he was looking at the bubbles as if he was planning to do something very nasty indeed to them. And there was something peculiar about his eyes.

2. “Lunchtime, Coraline,” said the woman.

“Who are you?” asked Coraline.

“I’m your other mother,” said the woman. “Go and tell your other father that lunch                 is ready,” She opened the door of the oven. Suddenly Coraline realized how                               hungry she was. It smelled wonderful. “Well, go on.”

3. Coraline took a deep breath and stepped into the darkness, where strange voices                    whispered and distant winds howled. She became certain that there was something               in the dark behind her: something very old and very slow. Her heart beat so hard                     and so loudly she was scared it would burst out of her chest. She closed her eyes against the dark.

Read more about Coraline on online…

And here are some comics from the novel…

Image result for coraline book other motherRelated imageRelated imageImage result for coraline book other mother


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